MC-U Tool details

MC-U Tool details

Our Tool is Mutli-Methods so you will find many ways to do this list of possibilities inside the software. More ways, More Solutions…

FRP Tab:

Motorola FRP reset.

ZTE FRP reset via EDL.

ZTE tracfone FRP reset via Sideload.

Qcomm FRP via EDL Autodetect.

Samsung FRP reset ADB.

Alcatel FRP Reset via ADB.

MTK & SPD FRP reset via ADB.

LG FRP reset via ADB.

SPD FRP via fastboot.


Enable ADB Huawei via MTP (Normal Mode).

Huawei FRP reset via ADB.

Format Data Qcomm Autodetect.


Network Reactivation Lock Bypass.

PayJoy & MDM Remove.

Samsung SPC finder.

Samsung Exynos MSL/EFS Reset .

Samsung Qualcomm MSL/EFS Reset.

Samsung DRK Fix.

Baseband Repair via ADB.

Baseband Repair via Download Mode.

Samsung FRP reset via Download Mode.

J260T/T1 Network Unlock Bits 2/3/4.

J737T/T1 Network Unlock Bits 3/ 4/ 5/6.

J327T/T1 Network Unlock Bits 1/2/3.

G360T/T1 & G530T/T1 Network Unlock .

Samsung RMM Lock bypass and reset.

Screen Lock remove via EngRoot.

Screen Lock remove via TWRP.

Samsung Boot Cook to create boot image to remove Screen Lock.

Knox Trip Avoid.

Knox Guard Disable.

Samsung G928T Bits 3-4 baseband and IMEI null fix.

Reboot Debug High.

Reboot Cp Debug High.

Reboot Debug Low.

Reboot Cp Debug Low.

Factory reset via COM Port.

Read info via COM Port.

Open Hidden Menu.

Exynos Cert write.

Qualcomm Cert write.

Qcomm IMEI Repair no cert models.

Old Qualcomm Unlock.

Samsung Sprint Unlock 2017.

Samsung Sprint Unlock 2018.

MCU Sprint Unlock.

Qcomm IMEI Repair no cert models.

Samsung TMO/Metro APP Unlock.

Samsung Hidden Language Enable.

Samsung Safe / Factory Mode Fix.

Samsung Softbrick Fix.

Samsung IMEI Repair.

Save and Restore security backup.

Save and Restore EFS backup.

Samsung Pre-Relock Fix.

Modem Downgrade.

Samsung One Click Root.

Change / Force Bands.

Read & Write QCN.


Qualcomm NV Items Reader.

Qualcomm NV Items Writer.

IMEI Fix via Serial / Diag Port.

MEID Fix via Serial / Diag Port.

Xiaomi Anti-Relock Fix via ADB.

Xiamoi MI Account Reset by ADB.

Xiaomi Model check by Fastboot.

Xiaomi EFS Reset ADB Root.

Xiaomi Diag Enable No Root.

ZTE Z982 Backup/Restore Security.

ZTE Z982 Network Unlock.

Coolpad 3622A Network Unlock.

Coolpad 3622A Root.

ZTE N9560 Root.

ZTE N9560 Network Unlock.

ZTE N9137 Root.

ZTE N9137 Network Unlock.

ZTE BLADE L2 GSM Network Fix.

ZTE Z835 AT&T Read Codes From Data Base.

ZTE AT&T Mexico Read Codes from Data Base.

ZTE Z981 Root.

Reboot FTM 2 EDL/ ADB 2 EDL.

Read & Write QCN Qualcomm.

Read & Write QCN ZTE / Xiaomi.


LG Read Info via Download Mode.

LG Screen Lock bypass.

LG IMEI Repair via Modem Port.

LG MEID Repair via Serial Port.

LG FRP Remove via Download Mode.

LG Reboot Download via Serial Port.

LG Reboot to Normal Mode.

LG Read/Write/Wipe Security.

LG Q710AL/P Unlock.

LG MS210/M210 One Click Unlock.

LG TP260/MP260 One Click Unlock.

LG TP450/MP450 One Click Unlock.

LG Sprint Unlock via ADB.

LG Sprint Unlock via Serial Port.

LG SPC Finder.

LG One Click Root.

LG Start Network Menu.

LG Hands Free Disable.

LG bootloader Unlock.

Motorola Flasher.

Motorla APN Fix.

Motorola ComServer Fix.

Motorola XT176x Flash Modem Unlock.

Motorola E4 No Service Fix.

Motorola Verizon Update Killer.

Reboots Fastboot/ Download/ System.

Motorola XT1609 Flash Modem Unlock.

Motorola Network Fix.

Motorola Fix Show IMEI .

Motorola XT-1056 Unlock.

Motorola XT-1049 Unlock.

Motorola change Bootlader CSC.

Change / Force Bands.

Motorola Reboots.

Read & Write QCN LG.


Root Checker for all models.

Open APN Settings all models.

Read Battery and Netwrok Info.

Huawei Language Enabler.

HTC Language Enabler

MoreLocale apk installer without root.

Qualcomm Diag Port Enabler.

Remove Pin/Pattern By ADB.

Stop Updates Sprint Generic.

Stop Updates Samusng.

Stop Updates LG.

Reboots: Recovery/ Download/ EDL/ System.

Hard Reset & Wipe: Userdata/ Gmail/ System/ Persist/ OEM

Huawei MDM Claro Remove.

Huawei Sim Inserted Error Fix .


Mediatek IMEI Repair via ADB Warrior (No Root).

Mediatek IMEI Repair via ADB Root.

Mediatek IMEI Repair via Modem Port.

Mediatek Unlock via ADB Root.

Mediatek Unlock via ADB Warrior (No Root).

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